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Exam Name: CFA Level 2

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Topics Covered in CFA Level 2 Mock Exams:

Ethical and Professional Standards

  1. Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

  2. Guidance for Standards I–VII

  3. CFA Institute Soft Dollar Standards

  4. CFA Institute Research Objectivity Standards

Ethical and Professional Standards: Application

  1. Ethics Cases 1: The Glenarm Company

  2. Ethics Cases 2: Preston Partners

  3. Ethics Cases 3: Super Selection

  4. Standards Reporter 1: Trade Allocation: Fair Dealing and Disclosure

  5. Standards Reporter 2: Changing Investment Objectives

  6. Prudence in Perspective

Quantitative Methods For Valuation

  1. Correlation and Regression

  2. Multiple Regression and Issues in Regression Analysis

  3. Time-Series Analysis

Quantitative Methods For Valuation

  1. Economic Growth

  2. Regulation and Antitrust Policy in a Globalized Economy

  3. Trading with the World

  4. The Exchange Rate and the Balance of Payments

  5. Currency Exchange Rates

  6. Foreign Exchange Parity Relations

  7. Measuring Economic Activity

Financial Reporting And Analysis: InterCorporate Investments

  1. Intercorporate Investments

Financial Reporting And Analysis: Post-Employment and Share-Based Compensation and Multinational Operations

  1. Employee Compensation: Post-Employment and Share-Based

  2. Multinational Operations

Financial Reporting And Analysis: Earnings Quality Issues and Financial Ratio Analysis

  1. The Lessons We Learn

  2. Evaluating Financial Reporting Quality

  3. Integration of Financial Statement Analysis Techniques

Corporate Finance

  1. Capital Budgeting

  2. Capital Structure and Leverage

  3. Dividends and Dividend Policy

Corporate Finance: Financing and Control Issues

  1. Corporate Governance

  2. Mergers and Acquisitions

Equity Valuation: Valuation Concepts

  1. A Note on Asset Valuation

  2. Equity Valuation: Applications and Processes

  3. Equity: Markets and Instruments

  4. Return Concepts

Equity Valuation: Industry and Company Analysis in a Global Context

  1. Equity: Concepts and Techniques

  2. The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy

  3. Industry Analysis

  4. Valuation in Emerging Markets

  5. Discounted Dividend Valuation

Equity Investments:Valuation Models

  1. Free Cash Flow Valuation

  2. Market-Based Valuation: Price and Enterprise Value Multiples

  3. Residual Income Valuation

  4. Private Company Valuation

Alternative Asset Valuation

  1. Investment Analysis

  2. Income Property Analysis and Appraisal

  3. Private Equity Valuation

  4. Investing in Commodities

  5. Evaluating the Performance of Your Hedge Funds

  6. Buyers Beware: Evaluating and Managing the Many Facets of the Risks of Hedge Funds

Fixed Income: Valuation Concepts

  1. General Principles of Credit Analysis

  2. The Liquidity Conundrum

  3. Term Structure and Volatility of Interest Rates

  4. Valuing Bonds with Embedded Options

Fixed Income: Structured Securities

  1. Mortgage-Backed Sector of the Bond Market

  2. Asset-Backed Sector of the Bond Market

  3. Valuing Mortgage-Backed and Asset-Backed Securities

Derivative Investments: Forwards and Futures

  1. Forward Markets and Contracts

  2. Futures Markets and Contracts

Derivative Investments: Options, Swaps, and Interest Rate and Credit Derivatives

  1. Option Markets and Contracts

  2. Swap Markets and Contracts

  3. Interest Rate Derivative Instruments

  4. Using Credit Derivatives to Enhance Return and Manage Risk

Portfolio Management: Capital Market Theory and the Portfolio Management Process

  1. Portfolio Concepts

  2. A Note on Harry M. Markowitz’s “Market Efficiency: A Theoretical Distinction & So What?”

  3. International Asset Pricing

  4. The Theory of Active Portfolio Management

  5. The Portfolio Management Process and the

  6. Investment Policy Statement


The Level 2 mock exams are in the vignette format, same as official exam. The software will allow you to take timed exams like areal exam. The length of a vignette ranges from about 1 page to 2.5 pages. The longer vignettes are those that include several tables of information, such as for a financial statement analysis, statistics, or fixed-income item set. The average length of the vignettes on the exam is about 1.5 pages.

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System Requirements for Software:

Windows Xp, Windows 7, Vista

System Requirements for PDF:

Adobe PDF Reader software

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Download via internet after purchase.

Available on CD as well.

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